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Slideshow, film still and documenation of video, dimensions variable, 18 min, silent.


Slideshow is a single channel video comprised of rotating slides from a small, disorganized personal collection of 35mm slides belonging to the artist’s deceased grandfather, an eye surgeon.   The slides include images of diseased eyes, family vacations, magnified corneas, portraits of the incarcerated research subjects, and eroticized framings of his wife’s feet and legs, parties with colleagues, and lecture notes. The re-framing of these objects is deadpan, and the slides rotate in a neutral space, yet the contents upset the stable categories such as ‘archive’, ‘research’, ‘family’ and ‘leisure’. The simple rotation literally gives them a new spin, yet the power of the strategy lies in the moment when one slide rotates to turn into another: a simultaneous refusal of the image that is also pregnant with its imminent revealing of another image.

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